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Roblox says children developing on its platform is a gift

I've heard a bunch of crockery on the internet trying to explain away many facets of capitalism. Earlier this week, we heard that AI was gonna easy humanity's burden. Layoffs…

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Tech Talk Thursdays Episode #112 (04/04/2024)

Tech Gaming Please check out the shows live on Twitch, Thursday at 8:00pm ET! If there are any topics you’d…

MajorLinux By MajorLinux 1 Min Read

Spotify wants more money…again…in less than a year

In life, only a few things are certain. They are death, taxes, and ever increasing subscription fees. This time, Spotify…

MajorLinux By MajorLinux 1 Min Read

Jon Stewart shows the AI segment that Apple didn’t want us to see

Outside of tech and gaming, I don't get my news from "conventional" sources. While it was initially because the news…

MajorLinux By MajorLinux 4 Min Read

Discord to start running ads even though it said it wasn’t going to

Making money on the internet is hard. Trust and believe me, I've tried. But when you start forcibly start serving content that people don't want because someone paid you to,…

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Waffle House needs to let Tekken put the restaurant in game

I love many things. Sometimes, those things don't really mix like building PCs while swimming in a pool of Diet…

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AT&T has leaked nearly 70 million Social Security numbers

I wasn't hoping to have to come back from vacation with bad news, but this was is a huge one.…

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Tech Talk ThursPlays: Call of the Wild: The Angler (03/28/2024)

MajorLinux thought it was going to be a great idea to go fishing with his pals. What followed was a…

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