Apple gives devs ability to disable Reactions by default in iOS 17.4

Is this a good enough solution?

MajorLinux - Editor-in-chief

While it may not be what we wanted, Apple is at least doing something to control these silly Reactions.

As was mentioned a while ago, it was rumored that Apple was going to switch the camera reactions introduced in iOS 17 to off by default for new users. I was hoping that it would have extended to existing users, too.

Well, it seems that may not be what’s happening. What Apple has decided to do is give developers the ability to disable it within their apps by default. This comes by way of a new API that would make Reactions opt-in.

In Apple’s developer release notes for the new update, the company stated that “Developers can control default behavior of Reactions” and that “This is controlled per application and user choice will override application declared defaults.”

These changes will probably be coming to macoS 14.4 as well, so don’t feel left out Mac users.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here are the list of gestures you can make to cause the Reactions to appear:

  • To show red hearts, use two hands to make a heart sign.
  • To show balloons, make a victory sign (peace sign).
  • To show a thumbs up emoji, hold one thumb up.
  • To show a thumbs down emoji, hold one thumb down.
  • To show stormy rain, hold two thumbs down.
  • To show confetti, make two victory signs (peace signs).
  • To show fireworks, hold two thumbs up.
  • To show laser beams, make the sign of the horns 🤘 on each hand.

I’m glad Apple is doing something about this.

My therapy appointments were getting a bit awkward.

Source: 9To5Mac

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