Beeper isn’t done fighting but it’ll need your Mac to continue

This is too much for a blue bubble.

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The ongoing nonsense that is achieving blue bubbles because people like the status symbol keeps going. After Apple severely broke the pipeline Beeper had initially set up, the app developer thinks they have a new solution. Use a Mac.

This past weekend, there were reportedly 60% of Beeper users who couldn’t send or receive iMessages. Beeper believes the issue lies within the “registration data” sent to Apple. If only there was a way to “fake” this.

Beeper could have possibly done it, but realized that by using their fleet of Macs, it was an easy target for Apple. Essentially, it wouldn’t be hard to find the Mac that happens to have thousands of users registered users on it.

So, there next solution was instead to have everyone else use a Mac. That way, there would be more Macs but less users registered to them. It would require people to always keep the Mac on and use it once a week or month. That’s an odd time range, but okay.

Now, I’ll forgive you for forgetting that this is an Android app we’re talking about. Not many Android users have Macs. I was one of those until 2017. This isn’t to say Android users avoid Macs for a number of reasons, but I feel the number is low. So, it begs the question, what do Android users do who don’t own a Mac?

Beeper has you covered there, too. It would like you to borrow a friend’s Mac.

Registration data is used only to indicate that a Mac is available during registration. The Mac in no way is given any access to your account, or your messages.

The company is also open-sourcing the iMessage bridge along with the “code that generates registration data” on the Mac.

This is becoming way too cumbersome when all you need to do is install something like Whatsapp, Telegram, or Signal.

Source: 9to5Google

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