Game Pass games to let you know when they’re leaving

Can I suggest another option?

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As a person who really, really, really loves storage, I tend to keep a lot of things on them. I mean, I invested in a ton of storage just for Game Pass:

  • The Xbox Series X
  • The 1 TB Expansion Card
  • 2x 1 TB external SSDs
  • 5 TB external HDD

I’d have more if I could actually plug in more drives. Shockingly, the Series X only let’s me plug in 3 drives.

However, with all that storage, I’m still running out of space and need to clear some things off. And, with Game Pass games always cycling, the expired ones would be the perfect candidate. But they aren’t clearly labeled when I go for clean up.

Well, thanks to Xbox, I’ll definitely get the memo somehow. They are now popping up a window that will let you know the a game is “leaving Game Pass” soon.

The only issue that I see with this is that it will require me to launch a game. Honestly, what I’d like to see is a mass delete button to get rid of games that I don’t have available to me. I like the whole shuffling game, but the Xbox file management system is too slow.

Xbox, just give me a button!

Source: IGN

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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