GeForce Now has Xbox sync and an Game Pass Bundle

Microsoft and Nvidia are sure getting chummy.

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If you’re into PC cloud gaming, you might be seeing a bunch of green soon. Nvidia’s GeForce Now and Xbox have been making good on their partnership. First launching as a bid to help ease the EU and UK’s fears around the Activision Blizzard acquisition, both Team Greens are working to make things a bit easier.

Nvidia is now adding an Xbox account sync feature to GeForce Now. Users can now sync your Xbox game purchases with the streaming service and play your PC games on the go. This would have been helpful when Xbox Cloud Streaming was overwhelmed while I was playing Starfield. They did eventually put Starfield on the service, but it was too late.

I should be good from here on out, though. GFN is close to hitting over 100 Game Pass titles in their line up. They are currently sitting at 88.

On top of that, Nvidia is offering three months of PC Game Pass if you subscribe to GeForce Now Ultimate for six months. Why they didn’t offer six months is just bonkers to me, but okay. Go off!

GeForce now also supports Ubisoft+ linking. Between this and Xbox linking, this should cut down on the amount of times that you will need to input a password to play games on the service.

So, there’s that.

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