Max is thanking long-time subscribers by taking away 4K

If it isn't a price increase, it's a plan decrease.

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In yet another story that seems to be coming out of topsy-turvy land, folks who have been subscribed to Max back when it was known as HBO Max are getting a not so great surprise today for their loyalty. They are about to lose their 4K and HDR playback.

Granted, Warner Bros. Discovery said they were going to do this about six months ago, you’d think given all the nonsense happening lately, they’d just back off on that plan. Naw! They want that money now!

Emails are being sent out now informing customers of the change. For customers who want to stay at $15.99, they will lose 4K and HDR. If they want to keep it, they’ll need to start paying $19.99 for “ultimate”. They have until December 5th to make a decision.

Not only are the losing those features, they’ll be also losing an additional concurrent stream. This means only two people can watch Max at a time.

The one thing they’ll get to keep are downloads. Customers are still able to save up to 30 titles on certain devices.

Don’t forget that Max also has an ad-supported tier for $9.99. There are no downloads with this plan. But at least two people can watch, so double the ad revenue.

Max has also included a sports package that will be free until February 29th. After that, that’s another $9.99 you gotta fork over.

This is getting bloody exhausting.

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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