Microsoft partners with AI company for things people already do

AI: "Anything you can do I can do at a fraction of the cost"

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In a move that I’m sure felt like spit in the faces of those who lost jobs this year, Microsoft has announced a partnership with Inworld AI. Inworld AI will provide tools to help develop games for Xbox.

Supposedly, Inworld AI will be helping build game dialog and other narrative tools at scale. It should help build out story and quest design. You know, the thing that writers and quest designers did.

The kicker is that it won’t be just Xbox using it. Third-party studios can get in on all the fun. It will be very helpful when they need someone to fill the gaps when people are just so darn expensive.

This isn’t something new for Microsoft as they have been pro-AI for some time now. Phil Spencer, Microsoft Gaming CEO, stated that their developers were looking to see how AI could be an “additive, positive force”. Newly minted Xbox President Sarah Bond mentioned that AI would democratize game development. But don’t worry, Microsoft has supported AI regulation, so those rules will be enforceable…never.

Neither Microsoft nor Inworld AI have mentioned whether or not these tools could threaten the jobs of industry professionals who already have those jobs. It hasn’t been a great year for the games industry and this doesn’t help matters.

Source: GameSpot

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