Moira’s “Lilith” skin is locked behind a $40 paywall on Overwatch 2

Maybe going free-to-play wasn't a good idea

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Blizzard has come under fire for a lot of things lately and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting any better.

Yesterday, they launched the Lilith skin for Moira along with the Inarius skin for Pharah in Overwatch 2 as part of their $39.99 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle.

For those not in the know, Lilith and Inarius are characters in Diablo 4, Lilith being the main antagonist and Inarius as the main protagonist (or, at least defends humanity).

The issue with this is the fact that Blizzard has marketed these skins heavily as they were pushing Season 7 of Overwatch 2 titled “Rise of Darkness”, but they are only available through the $40 purchase. You can’t earn them without paying. You can’t buy them separately. You have to buy the battle pass which comes with the following:

  • 20 Battle Pass tier skips
  • Premium Battle Pass (Season 7)
  • 2,000 Overwatch Coins
  • Skins: Inarius, Lilith, Pumpkin
  • Highlight Intros: Be Beautiful
  • Sprays: Inarius’ Side, Lilith’s Side

Understandably, Overwatch 2 players are pissed about the decision. YayoProtocal over on the Overwatch subreddit accussed Blizzard of being greedy. This post received almost 17,000 upvotes at the time of this writing..

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