Netflix naturally brings ads and microtransactions to its games

This should be game over, man! Game over!

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Let’s set the stage, shall we. We come back from your Christmas vacations in Aspen, the Alps, or Acapulco. You noticed that maybe, just maybe, that can of caviar you had cost a smidge more than it used to. You walk back into your cushy offices at Netflix and plan with your colleagues on how to make the end user pay for that can next year. Part of your team thinks on past successes at the company. The new gaming folks look to the gaming industry to see how it solved the problem. Suddenly, everybody stood up on their feet and shouted:


Leave it to Netflix to start working in a space where they have no expertise and come up with another way to bleed its users dry of their hard earned money.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Netflix execs have been in “discussions” about how to get more blood from the stone that is the cash in your wallet. This has included, but not limited to, advertising and microtransactions of the games, something that surprisingly they haven’t done yet.

It seems that Netflix would only dare serve ads to its ad-supported users. It is also considering bringing better games that you would need to pay money for on top of the subscription.

Right now, Netflix is in the same space as Apple Arcade. Both services allow you to subscribe in order to get access to games without the threat of ads or additional purchases. It seems Netflix is in its predicament, though, because it isn’t as popular as Apple Arcade.

Maybe that should be a sign that they just drop the service.

Source: Eurogamer

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