Netflix will reward you with one less ad if you stick to their platform

Watch ads so you don't have to watch ads? Got it!

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Given all the price hikes with subscription services, you switch to Netflix’s ad plan. Netflix has heard your cries for less of them. If you find yourself binge watching, they’ll occasionally reward you with a ad-free episode.

Starting next year, if you watch three episodes in a row of any show, your forth one is on them. While binge watching in and of itself might not be that healthy, Netflix wants to reward people for doing it. What’s a bit more insidious about it is they created a solution to a problem that should never exist.

Also, when will these executive stop celebrating the increase of ad-supported viewers? For example, Netflix has reported that they have garnered 15 million accounts using the ad-supported plan. Do they know it’s not a choice if you price people out of the better plans?

Source: The Verge

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