OBS Studio hits 30.0 with new Linux encoders

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OBS Studio, the software used by many content creators the world over, has finally reached version 30.0 and has brought with it some new features.

For those of you running Linux out there, Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) for H264, HEVC, and AV1 is now available. This should provide some huge performance games on Linux when either streaming or recording any high resolution video you might have.

They’ve also added a ‘Safe Mode’. This will allow users to launch OBS Studio without any plugins enabled. This is handy if you are looking any issues while using OBS and should help eliminate plugins as the culprit.

There is also a new status bar that show useful information in a “well structured way, with more representative and recognizable icons”.

Other features include:

  • Audio/video encoder drop-downs sorted by name
  • Accurate logging for Hardware Accelerated GPU
  • Filters can be arranged using drag & drop
  • Support for grayscale MJPEG in V4L/DirectShow sources
  • Ability to set FFmpeg Options for VAAPI
  • Dynamic bitrate for AMF encoders
  • v4l2 sources now always use linear alpha blending

On top of new features, they fixed over 50 bugs including issues with PipeWire, rapidly changing scenes or Nvidia audio filters among many others.

For more information, you can go to the release notes over on GitHub.

Source: OMGUbuntu

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