Reikon Games, developers of Ruiner, hit with layoffs

This has The Embracer Groups fingerprints all over it

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Continuing with the theme of layoffs, yet another dev has had to significantly reduce the size of its workforce. This time, it is Reikon Games.

Reikon, the developer that brought you isometric shooter Ruiner, announced Friday they are going to cut 60 to 70 people. Kotaku reports that this is nearly 80% of its staff. This news was corroborated by many social media posts from former developers at the studio.

Back in 2021, Reikon announced that they were working on a new game under the name Codename: Final Form. This game was going to be published under Plaion’s Prime Matter label. And would you look at who else is involved. It seems that Plaion is owned by none other than The Embracer Group.

I’m willing to bet that this is still more fallout from the bad deals they made to lead us here.

Source: IGN

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