Tesla wins legal battle in Sweden as unions fight for change

These workers deserve better

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Leave it up to the giant corporations to try every tactic to crush the will of the people. Musky Musk’s Tesla is the has been fighting unions for a bit and got a big win Monday.

What’s going down?

In the past month, nearly 130 Tesla repair shop workers at seven locations in Sweden walked off the job. This was ordered by their labor union, IF Metall. IF Metall is the largest union in the country that represents manufacturer workers.

The walk off was ordered due to Tesla refusing to negotiate with those on strike. This has led to other unions showing solidarity with IF Metall. Dock workers are refusing to take Teslas off cargo ships for one.

The other is the postal workers. On November 20th, they joined strike by not delivering Tesla’s mail including license plates.

The lawsuit

Tesla filed a lawsuit against Sweden’s postal agency. It claimed that the postal workers’ actions were a “discriminatory attack”. On Monday, the court sided with Tesla. They are requiring the Transport Agency to deliver license plates to Tesla within seven days. The penalty for failing to do so is on million Swedish crowns (around $95,000).


Tesla is widely known to be against unionization here in the US. They have reportedly fired pro-union workers in Buffalo, New York as retaliation to organizing. They have also curtailed employees from discussing wages with each other in Orlando, Florida.

Just so we’re clear here, it is not illegal to organize or discuss pay. It is, however, illegal to mettle with employee affairs through intimidation and retaliation as a company.

Maybe this should be discussed more on the free speech bastion, Twitter.

Source: The Verge

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