Twitter would like to sell used handles for more than used cars

What will it take to get you into a used Twitter handle today?

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Whether Musky Musk would you to think Twitter’s just fine, it still seems like they are hard up for cash. Forbes is reporting that Twitter has been looking for people to buy inactive handles. They’ve even started hitting people for $50,000 to start talks.

Back in May, Musk had mentioned that the social platform will start getting rid of accounts that haven’t been around in a while, freeing up those handles.

According to some emails obtained by Forbes, Twitter has a “task force” called the “@Handle Team”. They are apparently working on developing a storefront to handle the purchasing of inactive handles. There probably won’t be much of a shortage of them. Twitter did just change their policy stating accounts must log in every 30 days. This would avoid a suspension and possible removal.

Some would say that NPR started all this when they quit the site during the spring. This sent Musk in a tizzy and threatened to give the handle away.

As of right now, it still doesn’t seem like Twitter can do anything about inactive handles. However, if it will help Twitter make money, they’re sure to find a way.

Just another genius move. Turn your employees into used car salespeople.

Source: Engadget

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