Xbox shares why they don’t talk console numbers

That's one way to move a goal post.

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It seems like Xbox CFO Tim Stuart has a lot to say. Everyone (including myself) mistook what he said about Game Pass being on every screen. He did have some other things to say about console sales figures.

While at the Wells Fargo 2023 TMT Summit, the topic came up. He stated that Microsoft doesn’t share those numbers because it isn’t accurate to how Xbox as a brand is doing.

Just like I mentioned in that Game Pass article, Microsoft has been getting into this whole services area for a while. The gaming services arm is obviously Xbox. It doesn’t make sense to look at how your physical box is doing when you are everywhere (or, at least, trying to be). It is also convenient to look at Xbox as a brand and not a console when it gives you the bigger number.

Even Phil Spencer mentioned that console numbers are “not really a reflection of how healthy your ecosystem is.”

This is how you positively spin something. If you’re getting your ass handed to you in one place, say you’re something else and say that’s how you’re winning. To be fair, PlayStation and Nintendo as a brand probably can’t compete with Xbox. They are focused on the box. Microsoft has the experience of being a bit more nebulous and it’s showing.

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