Yet another auto manufacturer doesn’t play nice with iOS 17

You solve a problem, another one pops up.

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Last week, Apple released iOS 17.1.1. That update included some fixes that would enable BMW owners to wirelessly charge their iPhone 15s. But it looks like GM has another “beef” with Apple.

GM owners have posted on Reddit, GM forums, and Apple support forums about having issues with wireless charging. This issue seems to have come to light after updating to iOS 171.1.

It is not known how widespread the issue is currently. We also do not know if there are specific cars involved. Complaints have comin in about the Chevy Bolt and Silverado along with the GMC Sierra among other models.

According to these users, the iOS 17.1.1 update did not fix the issue for them. It is also leading others to think that the issue might be a hardware one and questioning if the build quality of this year’s phones may not be the best.

While my car (2021 Hyundai Sonata) does have wireless charging, I don’t rely on it because I have to use wired CarPlay. I can definitely see the advantages of having wireless charging if using CarPlay wirelessly. Anything using an iPhone in the background, especially navigation, can take a toll on battery. So, not having wireless charging work would be a huge bummer. I definitely feel for these users.

Source: 9to5Mac

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