Ace Hardware cyberattack shutting down online orders

Ace is not the place for friendly online orders.

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Currently, Ace Hardware is dealing from the devastating cyberattack over the weekend.

People first learned from the outage on Sunday after a post on Reddit contained a note from John Venhuizen, the CEO of Ace Hardware. The hardware store chain has not responded to any requests for comment. The website, however, does confirm that it is “currently unable to process orders online”. This has been forcing customers to go into the store.

It appears that warehouse management, invoice, and some other delivery systems were affected according to the CEO’s memo.

The impact of this incident is resulting in disruptions to your shipments.”

John Venhuizen, CEO, Ace Hardware

Stores were urged to stay open after an update was released Monday. It also confirmed that there were no impacts to in-store payment and service systems.

According to Bleeping Computer, 1,202 of their 1,400 servers and 3,500 network devices were hit by the cyberattack. Only half of them were back up and operational as of early Thursday morning.

This frustration and all of this effort is the direct result of a malicious cyber attack on Ace. This was perpetuated by criminals. Though they are hiding in this shadows, they are no different than thugs who break into your store attempting to steal your stuff.”

Quoted from update obtained from Bleeping Computer

As of right now, no one has claimed responsibility for the cyberattack.

Source: Engadget

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