Alan Hartman is taking a turn as the head of Xbox Game Studios

This is what racing on the line gets you!

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If you haven’t noticed lately, things have been shaking up over in the Xbox camp at Microsoft over the past month. Of course, it all kicked off with its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Phil Spencer then became the President of Microsoft Gaming. His old position, President of Xbox, went to Sarah Bond. Now we have Alan Hartman. He is now the new head of Xbox Game Studios, previously headed by Matt Booty. This was discovered day over on LinkedIn.

Thrilled to be representing such an elite set of game creators in my new role leading Xbox Game Studios!”

Posted on LinkedIn by Alan Hartman, Head of Xbox Game Studios,

If you do not know who Alan Hartman is, he was formerly in charge of Turn 10, the developers behind the Forza Motorsport series. He was in charge of the studio since 2005. Hartman has seen the release of all the Forza series games. He also oversaw the ForzaTech engine which is being used in both Forza Horizon and the new Fable reboot.

So, congratulations to all!

Now that everyone has been congratulated, let’s get some work done!

Source: Engadget

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