Bandcamp United going after Songtradr for unfair labor practices

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It’s been about two weeks since Bandcamp employees were notified if they were moving from Epic Games to Songtradr. About a month ago, we were shocked by the news that 830 employees were being let go and Bandcamp was being sold to Songtradr. We now learn that those under Bandcamp United filed an Unfair Labor Practice violation against Songtradr.

We found out that Bandcamp United union members were among those who were laid off prior to the acquisition. It was then revealed that the union actually had a meeting with Songtradr prior to the notice. Songtradr stated after the employment notices went out that they had no idea who was union and who wasn’t.

According to the filing, “Within the previous six months, the Employer refused to hire an employee(s) because the employee(s) joined or supported a labor organization and in order to discourage union activities or membership.”

On September 28, Epic Games announced the sale of Bandcamp to Songtradr, Inc. In an internal announcement to staff, Epic Games wrote that Songtradr, Inc. would be offering positions to some Bandcamp employees but not all.

On October 12, the Collective Bargaining Committee along with their lead negotiator from OPEIU [which Bandcamp United is affiliated with] met with Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire to discuss the future of Bandcamp United at Songtradr. Four days later, all workers at Bandcamp were informed that the deal with Songtradr, Inc. was closed and no other workers would get offers, including all eight democratically-elected members of the Collective Bargaining Committee.”

Bandcamp United said in a statement about the unfair labor practice charge

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