Because it wasn’t bad enough, Twitter adds voice and video calls

The calls are coming from inside the app!

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In this current age of enshitification, we have come to expect our centralized social networking overloads to make things 10x worse than they need to be.

And nobody is doing this better than Twitter.

Today, Twitter deploying its latest change to the app: Voice and Video Calls! Best of all, it’s on by default because the only thing anyone needs is their phones ringing randomly because something they tweeted and somebody really, REALLY wants to let them know they didn’t like what they said in the most vulgar way possible.

At least the app will notify users that the feature is available to them and will provide instructions on how to modify the settings. In case you buttoned past the pop-up, the settings can be located in the Settings menu located in your DMs tab. From there, you can enable/disable the feature along with allowing who can call you.

Now, of course, I’d tell you the best way to avoid it is to get off Twitter. Go to Mastodon. Sure the other ones are fine, too. But, if you must stay on Twitter, I recommend that you disable this feature immediately.

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