Verizon is thinking of bundling Netflix and Max (Update: Official)

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Update (12/04/2023 9:54 AM)

It looks like it will be official. Verizon has announced that they will be offering the $10/month bundle with Max and Netflix starting on December 7th. This bundle is available to all myPlan customers.

Original story

In an effort to help these streaming giants save face to the consumer, Verizon is throwing Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery a bone. Verizon is possibly going to bring the two companies together in a neat little bundle for their subscribers.

The bundle will see the ad-supported tiers of both services coming together for $10/month. That will save you $7 if you subscribe to them separately.

We may hear about this bundle in a few weeks, according to The Wall Street Journal. All three companies will be sharing the revenue through this bundle. It is likely to be offered to Verizon’s myPlan customers. Some Verizon bundles already offer Netflix. However, those bundles are ad-free.

Source: Engadget, The Verge

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