Israel appears to have disconnected Gaza from the internet


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For about three weeks now, Israel has gone on an all-out offensive on a little strip of land just to the west of them, the Gaza Strip. This region is home to around 2 million Palestinians. Over the last 75 years, have largely been displaced form a land they called home. More recently, when walls and checkpoints were erected, it’s turned into somewhat of an open-air prison.

Back to the last three weeks, though. Israel has allegedly been on the hunt for a terrorist group named Hamas. The way they have gone about it, though, have been largely illegal. Instead of just looking, they have taken to bombing the entire region. This has put those 2 million people in the crosshairs. Thousands of lives have been taken, mostly children. Basic resources like electricity and water have been cut off. Homes have been decimated along with hospitals and places of worship.

While we have been conflicting reports and outright lies from the Israeli government, those on the ground in Gaza have been showing what’s really been happening in the area. It has been tough to see, but it is necessary to understand the gravity of the situation. It is nothing short of a genocide.

However, it appears that Israel may have done something about that reporting. The Washington Post notes that on Friday, a connectivity tracker NetBlocks noticed “a collapse in connectivity in the Gaza Strip.” It appears that one of the largest Palestinian telecom providers, Paltel, may have been hit by some of the worst airstrikes.

That being said, given what’s happened with electricity and fuel, it was only a matter of time before Gaza’s remaining infrastructure to stay in operation.

It has gotten so bad there that the Red Crescent “have completely lost contact with the operations room in Gaza Strip and all of our teams operating there due to the Israeli authorities cutting off all landline, cellular and internet communications.”

Remember, #FreePalastine!

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