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It’s been a year after Musky Musk was forced to buy Twitter for $44 billion. In that time, he’s been looking for ways to make his money back. He’s fired his moderation team. He’s enabled problematic voices on his site to drive traffic.

But, for some reason, it hasn’t really worked. Traffic has gone down. Advertisers have pulled out. Nobody is buying subscriptions, even when they could hid that fact. And, for some reason, two countries may never see new signups.

But Musk is a genius businessman and won’t let that stop him. On Friday, Twitter announced that they are adding a new Premium tier, Premium+. Of course, you get all the benefits of Premium (which was once Twitter Blue). That included the checkmark you can hide, the ability to edit tweets (free on Mastodon), longer posts (also free on Mastodon), longer video uploads, encrypted direct messages, and so much more.

But Twitter didn’t stop there. Just like so many streaming services, there’s a new “Basic” plan for $3/month. There’s no checkmark here, but what it will do is give your replies a “small boost”. You also still get ads.

Will you be subscribing to any of these services? Keep in mind, that money goes to fund some pretty bad folks on the platform.

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