Desk Chair Analysts Top Posts of Week (10/29/2023)

It appears to be an Apple heavy week

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Another week, another list of top posts for the week! As I had publicly stated earlier this week, looking for a job has become a fruitless endeavor. With that being said, I’m looking to switch over to Desk Chair Analysts full time.

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But, without further ado, let’s get to this week’s top posts!

Something spooky is happening Monday night over in Cupertino. At #1, Apple looks to be announcing something Mac related during primetime. You can catch it over at their YouTube channel or on Apple TV at 8:00pm ET.

I’m cheating on this one because #2 is actually the post that announced the Xbox Partner Preview. But since that passed, here’s the recap of the event where they showed off the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake engine tech among other things.

It’s Apple again at #3! They partnered with the White House to announce that they are taking right-to-repair on a countrywide tour. Following their piggybacking of the California law, Apple thought it would be nice to let the US get a taste.

Not to be outdone, Microsoft also announced they were partnering with iFixit to make sure there Surface devices could be repaired.

Spider-Man 2 wasn’t the hottest thing this week on the site coming in at #4, but it was the hottest thing for Sony selling over 2.5 million copies in 24 hours. This was higher than any of their other first party titles. Hopefully, Peter and Miles are celebrating the only way a Spidey can.

I talked to a Google Fiber sales rep at a Raleigh Retro Gaming market yesterday. He couldn’t get me any closer to the fiber line outside my house. But at #5, it’s good to see that some people will be getting access to 20 Gig speeds and WiFi 7 routers through them.

And at #6, we end on a bit of a sour note where we see Apple in the news again. This time, they have increased their prices on their services including Arcade, News+, and TV+. The money’s coming in, just not fast enough.

And with that, that’s just another week at Desk Chair Analysts. Thanks for stopping through. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for supporting!

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