Microsoft to provide Surface components to iFixit for repairs

Not gonna be outdone by Apple this week

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Not one to be left out of the Right to Repair conversation, Microsoft announced today that they will be providing replacement components to iFixit for their Surface devices.

Brett Ostrum, Corporate Vice President of Surface wrote a blog post today celebrating the news.

This builds upon our collaboration with iFixit to make our products more repairable and will complement our growing network of Authorized Service Providers.

Brett Ostrum, Corporate Vice President, Surface

These parts were first made available on the Microsoft Store (really miss the physical ones) and commercial resellers. Now iFixit will have the entirety of the Surface repairable suite for anyone to do “out-of-warranty” repairs.

This is announcement comes on the heels of Apple’s announcement earlier this week with the White House to expand their repair stance nationwide after piggy-backing on California’s law earlier this month.

Check out their full blog for a list of products and parts that they and iFixit support.

Source: Microsoft Devices Blog

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