Apple taking right-to-repair stance nationwide

Apple's ready for the cross country tour

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At a White House event today, Apple stated that they would make all of their tools, parts and documentation necessary for consumers and repair shops to fix their own devices.

This announcement goes right along with their stance on California’s Right to Repair Act which just passed earlier this month. It looks as if they wanted to take the show on the road and make sure this commitment was made across the US.

We intend to honor California’s new repair provisions across the United States. Apple also believes that consumers and businesses would benefit from a national law that balances repairability with product integrity, usability and physical safety.”

Brian Naumann, Apple vice president and general manager of the company’s repair business

This past month as seen Apple take a near 180 on right to repair. Apple has famously fought tooth and nail to make sure that no one other than Apple were able to repair their devices. This could possibly be due to Apple aggressively targeting their green initiative promise of being completely carbon neutral by 2030.

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