Apple Self Service is in Europe, includes iPhone 15 & M2 Macs

It's been a big year for right to repair!

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2023 has been an interesting year for right-to-repair. With California being the latest, we have good laws on the books. Of course, they could be better. But 2023’s biggest surprise in this area came from Apple. They backed California’s law and pledged with the White House to take it nationwide.

But Apple didn’t stop there. Announced last Wednesday, the company announced that the Self Repair program is now available in Europe. There were 24 countries listed including Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, and Switzerland. This puts it at 33 countries and 24 languages supported by this program.

It have now increased the number of devices they support to 35. Apple also announced that the program covers the new iPhone 15 series of phones and Macs built with the M2 chip.

But they weren’t done. Apple has also released a Diagnostics for Self Service Repair tool in the U.S.. Availability in Europe will be available next year. The tool is for users who are already versed in repairing Apple devices. It will give those users the same abilities as Apple Authorized Service Providers to test devices for the best part functionality and performance. It should also pinpoint which parts are needed for repair.

While this program has been going on since 2022, it is nice to see that Apple is still supporting it. Being able to repair our own devices will help with a device’s longevity and should lower the amount of e-waste being produced.

Source: Macrumor

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