Google releases Pixel Diagnostic App

Almost seemed like a copycat move

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For all the things that Apple gets blamed for, copying Google is one of the bigger issues people have with them. But it looks as if Google took a peak at what Apple is doing and said “Hold my beer!”

Earlier last week, Apple released a diagnostic help to assist with repairs. It almost looks like Google may have saw that and released a similar app. That couldn’t be further from the truth, though.

The app seemed to have been included in the December Feature Drop, which means it was planned some time in advance. I wouldn’t be surprised if the feature wasn’t a result of the Right to Repair legislation in California. That would explain why Apple’s came out around the same time.

To access the app, you will need to punch *#*#7287#*#* into your Pixel’s dialer app. You’ll then be greeted a menu help test a myriad of functions on your phone.

Alongside this feature, there is also a Repair Mode that can be enabled when handing your phone off for repair. Google has also released English versions of their repair manuals.

It’s a great time for self repairing devices. Increasing our time with them and reducing waste.

Source: 9to5Google

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