Discovery content to stay on PlayStation

Without these shows on PlayStation, viewers would have been left Naked and Afraid.

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Looks like Sony and Discovery want to add a little bit of cheer in your stocking this holiday season. Both companies decided you can keep your content.

According to, it seems that “updated licensing arrangements” came through in just the nick of time. That means all those seasons of Cake Boss you bought will stay firmly in your library.

If you go to Sony’s website where the affected Discovery episodes were listed, you get the following note:

Due to updated licensing arrangements, the Discovery content removal planned for December 31, 2023 is no longer occurring. We appreciate your ongoing support and feedback.”


Even though you can continue to marathon Breaking Amish uninterrupted, it still puts the whole “going all in on digital” plan into question. Content providers have shown that they can just remove things from your devices or libraries.

Do you truly own what you think you own?

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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