PlayStation to wipe purchased Discovery content from consoles

So much for this all digital future.

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I sat on this for a while and can’t even come up with some clever. I’ve known for a while that even when you buy something, you don’t really own it. That’s been made abundantly clear by the Right to Repair movement. But it still stings when you’re reminded it still exists. Especially when things you own are taken away from you. Thanks, PlayStation and Discovery.

PlayStation has been notifying users that because of “content licensing arrangements”, content purchased on the platform that came from Discovery will be removed. This will happen on December 31.

Many are suggesting that because of Discovery’s merger with Warner Bros. last year that many of the licensing deals need to be revisited. I honestly don’t care. If I purchased the content, I purchased it as the end user with the previous deal. Any new deals need to be on content going forward. I get removing them from the store, but removing it from my hard drive isn’t the move.

What’s really going to be terrible is when the content reappears and users will need to repurchase it because it’s under the new deal.

We can come up with laws about how we boycott, divest, and sanction a nation. However, when it comes to consumer protections, we’re left out in the cold.

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