PlayStation users locked out of accounts last night

What are people paying Sony for?

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I can see why some people rail against Microsoft accounts on Windows now. Imagine not being able to use the thing you paid for because you always have to be online and signed into things. Well, that was the nightmare scenario for many PlayStation users last night.

For some reason, PSN users were locked out of their accounts after being “permanently suspended”. For this issue to be as widespread as it was, it appears that this was an issue with PSN and the users had done nothing wrong.

To say that users were angry would be an understatement. I mean, if you were kept from accessing content you paid for, shouldn’t you be pissed. Also, imagine if it was just taken from a console.

But I digress…

Many users took to Twitter and Reddit to voice frustration over the issue and share what they were seeing when attempting to log in. Most of the messages were along the lines of “This acount is permanently suspended from PlayStation Network due to violations of the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement”.

I’ve had my account for 10+ years with no issues, and I got the ‘account permanently suspended’ message out of the blue an hour ago while playing a game on my PS5. I didn’t even receive an email about the suspension, and the PlayStation support chat system is completely slammed and mostly unavailable right now.”

Reddit user

It seems that accounts are starting to get restored. The folks over at Sony really need to get their act together with their service. This is definitely not the way to run an online service. I’d get it if it were still free, but you are charging people. It’s starting to look sad.

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