Embracer is loosening its grip around New World Interactive

I know how we got here, but why?

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Shockwaves are still being felt after the Embracer deal with the Saudis fell through. Last time, it was 900 jobs that were cut from Crystal Dynamics and Beamdog. Now, it appears to be New World Interactive’s turn.

New World Interactive is the team behind Insurgency and Day of Infamy. New World was acquired by Embracer Group’s subsidiary Saber Interactive in 2020.

Initially, it was reported that New World Interactive was to be closed down. Saber has since stated that that was not the case.

Saber Interactive has confirmed that there have been restructuring changes involving the New World Interactive subsidiary. This reorganisation has resulted in layoffs at the studio.”

Embracer statement to Eurogamer

The number of folks losing jobs and which departments will be hit have not been released. Saber is “actively working to fill existing open roles” according to Saber. Those let go will receive severance package.

Saber also assures that development will continue on Insurgency: Sandstorm as well as on unannounced future projects.”

Embracer statement to Eurogamer

This is just the latest in layoffs happening BEFORE the holiday season. I would not be surprised if this was motivated by the same “cheap capital” that Spotify’s CEO alluded to on Monday which needed the Saudi banking not to crumble.

Source: Eurogamer

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