DoorDash acting real stingy in New York after wage raise

I feel for these Dashers.

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As a former DoorDash driver, I’m all too familiar with the low wages a Dasher would get when making deliveries. This is on top of getting little to no tip after those deliveries. However, I was one of those Dashers who just kept plugging away until my body couldn’t take it anymore. I admire the Dashers who are still out there doing amazing work.

However, DoorDash couldn’t care less. No, actually, they found a way to care even less.

In New York, DoorDash has decided that since Dashers are making a decent living delivering food, that tipping is going to be extra optional. Normally, when you are asked for a tip, it is done before you check out. In New York, they have now changed it to ask for a tip after you check out. This means that New Yorkers can just order food, close the app, and forget about the tip.

This is definitely a different step than what they were talking about a month ago when it came to tipping. Then, they were releasing an update that would remind people that NOT tipping would result in longer waits.

DoorDash fought the city twice and lost to get the law overturned. They have now stated that this new regulations will “force” it to raise fees. This move to forgo tips is a move to “ensure our platform remains affordable to all New Yorkers.”

The well earned pay increase came after labor groups Los Deliveristas Unidos and the Worker’s Justice Project worked for years to get Dashers higher pay. And I get it. Delivery work can often be dangerous. Not only that, we are putting wear and tear on our vehicles. I had to get help replacing two tires on my car that I know Uber wasn’t going to pay.

It’s sad to see when companies will work tirelessly to not pay folks actually doing the job. But it’s shameful for said companies to place the blame on everyone else for rising costs while it rakes in massive profits.

Source: The Verge

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