Codemasters hit with a layoffs

Codemasters just had a rough go of it

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I love me some racing games. For one, they are the games that can really show what gaming hardware can do. It’s also the closest I can get to some of the fastest and most fun cars in the world. Codemasters are some of the best in the game when it comes to racing. Unfortunately, some folks got hit with some bad news.

EA announced today that Codemasters will be cutting some redundant job roles. The amount of jobs are not known at this time.

Our business is constantly changing as we strive to deliver amazing games and services that keep our players engaged, connected, and inspired. At times, this requires the company to make small-scale organizational changes that align our teams and resources to meet evolving business needs and priorities. We continue to work closely with those affected by these changes, providing appropriate support throughout this process.”

EA spokesperson

Codemasters was purchased by EA back in 2021 for $1.2 billion. EA CEO Andrew Wilson didn’t want to affect the day to day workings of the company when it was bought. However, the CEO and CFO of Codemasters left. This meant that Codemasters along with Slightly Mad Studios was to be folded into EA Sports.

Unfortunately, after three games (Need for Speed Unbound, F1 23, and EA Sports WRC), neither was able to find an audience. Well, Unbound found me and then I lost them after my 10 hour trial ended. EA Sports WRC was not a well reviewed game when it came out and had some technical issues that I still don’t believe have been fixed yet.

This is yet another company cutting jobs right around the holidays and also just in a bad year in general for the industry.

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