PlayStation has stated it will play a video on Wednesday

It's sure gonna look Stellar...I mean, yeah, State of Play...YAY!

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Amongst all the doom and gloom that surrounds the industry and world, there are some things to look forward to. It’s 2024 and a few games have come out. But there’s more and I’m sure I’m not the only one excited to hear about them. Luckily, PlayStation has us covered!

Today, Herman Hulst, Head of PlayStation Studios, took to the PlayStation Blog to give us some good news. A PlayStation State of Play has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 31. He promises us that it will be 40 minutes long and should feature over 15 games.

What games you ask? Does Stellar Blade speak to you? What about Rise of the Ronin? If those don’t, there will be more games covered that will be coming to the PS5 and PS VR2 that should be releasing in 2024 “and beyond” (I get the Podcast Beyond reference, but I don’t like that time frame).

Also, for those who aren’t familiar with Stellar Blade, it’s the video game with the rather suggestive looking character when it was announced as “Project Eve”. I’d share a picture, but, yeah, I don’t really feel all that comfortable doing so.

If you’d like to watch it, it will go live on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok (look at them) starting at 5pm ET.

If you play your cards right, I might co-stream it.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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