Jamf couldn’t manage to keep the layoffs away

Apple device management company managers failed to manage a company and they managed to let people go.

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Layoffs are starting to become par for the course now. That is just a terrible reality that we live in as we let capitalists run our lives into the ground. It’s their sick little game and we’re just pawns. I know shareholders of Jamf are feeling good right about now.

Thursday, Jamf, the makers of Apple device management software, announced that they were laying off 6% of their full-time staff. The company filed a staff reduction plan with the SEC:

On January 25, 2024, Jamf Holding Corp. (the “Company” or “Jamf”) announced a workforce reduction plan (the “Plan”) intended to reduce operating costs, improve operating margins, and continue advancing the Company’s ongoing commitment to profitable growth. The Plan is expected to impact approximately 6% of the Company’s full-time employees.

Jamf expect to pay out between $6.6 and 8.2 million in severance, benefits, and other expenses related to these layoffs.

The Company expects that the majority of the charges will be incurred in the first quarter of 2024 and that the execution of the Plan will be substantially complete by the end of the second quarter of 2024. The Company intends to exclude the charges associated with the Plan from certain of its non-GAAP financial measures.

Over the weekend, while I was driving for Uber (remember you can support us here at DCA over on Patreon) and someone wrote the following:


You should also check out the article they were responding to about eBay’s layoffs.

Source: 9To5Mac

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