Threads account can be deleted without deleting Instagram

It's about time!

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In a feature that should have been available from the very beginning, you can now get rid of Threads without torching Instagram.

In Meta’s rush to market, Threads seemed to have launched in a beta state. Who can blame them? During whatever Twitter snafu that happened around that time, Meta thought they had a good enough product in it to launch while the iron was hot. So, on July 6, Threads went live.

However, as many people were testing the new site, finding people, being the first to post the latest “Twitter is dead” meme, some realized something sinister. If you go to delete your account, Instagram goes with it.

On one hand, I’d say if you are going to test something new, you should expect bugs. But this wasn’t a bug, but it sure wasn’t a feature, either. Apparently, in Meta’s infinite wisdom, they tied Threads to Instagram. Why they didn’t make it a separate platform is beyond me.

As the news was breaking, the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri had said they would be looking into the problem and provide us with a fix.

Now, only 4 months later, you can finally delete your Threads account without deleting Instagram. And then all the influencers who joined Threads on a whim rejoiced!

Good to see them finally adding some day one features as the platform apparently continues to grow.

Source: The Verge

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