Amazon is cutting more gaming jobs

This is just shameful!

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Amazon’s job cuts are done yet for 2023. Right as we head into the holiday season, the Amazon gaming division will see over 180 employees leave. Other changes that are being made are shutting down the Crown channel along with its Game Growth program. Game Growth was started to help developers market their games.

We are proud of the work the teams have been doing, pushing into new areas with weekly content on Crown Channel, and finding more ways to help publishers reach new audiences with Game Growth. But after further evaluation of our businesses, it became clear that we need focus our resources and efforts to deliver great games to players now and in the future.”

Christoph Hartman, VP of Amazon Games, wrote to employees (acquired by Reuters)

These layoffs and changes are preceded by layoffs that were made in April where more than 100 Amazon Games employees were let go. Those had affected Prime Gaming, Game Growth, and its San Diego studio. Amazon, across the board, has axed thousands of jobs, throughout 2023.

This definitely isn’t going to help what has been a bad year for gaming jobs.

All so Daddy Bezos can fly his big blue dick to space.

Source: The Verge

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