Embracer strikes again: fired 100 people & canceled Deus Ex game

The Embracer Group: Mankind Absent

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It’s times like this where I wish there was some agency that could come in and just remove C-suite employees from their positions. I want it more when it appears to be a time of crisis at the company. Take for instance The Embracer Group. Granted this site has been up for only 4 months, but I have a tag dedicated to it with six articles tied to it. All of them related to job losses. This will be the seventh. And there should be more.

Eidos-Montreal, the studio behind Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided announced on Monday that 97 people have lost their jobs. The news was confirmed by the development studio on Twitter after Bloomberg reported about a canceled Deus Ex game.

Eidos layoff announcement thanks to Embracer

When Polygon reached out for comment, a spokesperson confirmed the layoffs, but did not speak about the canceled game. Bloomberg, however, says that the cancelation was done so that Eidos-Montreal can focus on “an original franchise.”

Eidos-Montreal was a part of a sale of Square-Enix’s western studios to The Embracer Group in 2022. The deal was worth $300 million which also gave Embracer rights to Tomb Raider, Thief, and Deus Ex.

The moves Embracer has been making over the past year, including its failed deal with a Saudi investment fund have just been asinine.

Clearly leadership just needs to clock out.

Source: Polygon

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