Christmas in Disarray: The Saga of a Stolen Xbox and Microsoft’s Customer Service Letdown Part Two


Previously on The Saga of a Stolen Xbox

We left off at the point where Microsoft wound up bamboozling me not once, but twice in the same call. Thankfully the next morning, I woke up with a renewed dedication to set things straight. Did this matter? No, not at all.

Does Batman help with stuff like this?

The next day I call back because I somehow thought that if I maybe get someone else on the phone who has some sense, things may go better. Not the case at all. The next representative tells me, “we can’t do anything about it. All we can do is try to intercept the package.” Mind you, I was leaving for Dreamhack Atlanta that day, so I wouldn’t have been able to sit there and monitor if I received a tracking number or not. The representatives on the phone I kept speaking with said it should be delivered by the 19th. To my surprise, I was not expecting it to be delivered on the 17th, given the time of year and all the packages and such being sent. Delays are the status quo, right?

No. It was delivered on December 17th, at 4:18 pm. I was on my way home from Atlanta at that point, unknowing that my Xbox was sitting at my old address. The next morning I quickly logged into my Microsoft account to see the status of the package. My heart sunk, seeing that it was delivered earlier than expected. My next actions involved freshening up and zipping faster than Santa Claus up I-85 to my old address to see if whoever was living there now would be honest enough to let me know if they got a package with my name on it.

Honesty is the Best Policy…or so we thought.

I could go into more detail with that, but long story short, the residents at my old address weren’t honest. I am quite sure they opened up my delivery and saw there was a Xbox in there. What did I do next? Of course, I filed a police report. The console is still connected to my account since I ordered it directly through Microsoft. I have the serial number. I have already changed my passwords and everything, don’t worry. We all know the police probably won’t do anything since packages get stolen all the time.

Thus the Saga of a Stolen Xbox continues…

Hey you’re really awesome if you’re still invested in what happened. It’s all bogus, right?

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