Capcom alters the deal


Like a black-armor-clad science fiction villain, Capcom has decided to alter the deal with unsuspecting PC gamers. Capcom appears to be going back and adding file-protection software to games released on Steam. While citing concerns over piracy, mods were also given as a reason for the move. Steam users have been reacting by review bombing games with the added DRM. Unfortunately for the majority of Steam users this is the only weapon available if they are after the return window for the game.

As always these anti-piracy moves put legitimate paying customers at a disadvantage over pirates. The pirates will find a way around the mod or move on to different games, while the paying customer will suffer performance issues with potentially dangerous and invasive DRM on their personal systems.

A customer can make an informed decision if they know up-front that the game will have DRM. But going back and adding the DRM after someone has purchased the software removes any ability for the customer to make that informed decision. The customer has no choice but to install the DRM or stop playing the game they paid for.

Capcom was cited in the source article as being concerned about bad publicity but apparently Capcom doesn’t care about the bad publicity that will come from negatively altering games that people have already paid for.


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