Christmas in Disarray: The Saga of a Stolen Xbox and Microsoft’s Customer Service Letdown Part One


I completely was not expecting a Christmas in disarray, nor my next article contribution to DCA to be that of a complaint. Especially not for Microsoft of all companies!

This will be somewhat of a long read, so I plan to split it up into however many parts are necessary. Since mid-December, I have been dealing with many things, but I never expected theft to be one of those things. One thing after another has been happening since I placed an order for a Xbox Series X. I ordered it to replace my Xbox One, since it’s showing it cannot keep up with the games and features being released anymore.

So it Begins…my Christmas in Disarray

This major headache with Microsoft began on December 14th. I have had a lot happen in my life over the course of 2023, so I figured I would treat myself to a new console. I don’t normally buy expensive things for myself since I end up feeling guilty for spending so much. Nonetheless, I placed the order directly with Microsoft for a new console. Normally, I carefully scrutinize the order details page before I click submit. This time was no different, everything appeared on screen as it should. The only thing I did not realize was that the shipping address was not present.

Since I was using Paypal Pay in 4, normally Paypal submits the right address for you. As a result I did not pay it any mind. I sure wish I did, because apparently, Microsoft overrides whatever default address you have set with Paypal and uses the address you have on file with them. This unfortunately turned out to be my old address which is a hour away from where I currently live.

Microsoft’s Major Blunder

Immediately, once I realized what happened, I hopped on the phone to talk to Microsoft’s Customer Service team to see if they could change the shipping address before it ships. I realize now I should have canceled it myself, since it only got worse from there. Whoever I spoke to on the phone clearly did not know what they were doing. They reassured me that the order was canceled and wouldn’t be shipped out. Lies, all of them!

As I’m speaking to them on the phone, I am refreshing my account page to see “changes” they were making. The order still showed as pending, but the option to cancel no longer existed for me! Then on top of that, they placed ANOTHER order for the FULL amount of a Series X console. Why? They led me to believe that the other order was 100% canceled (mind you I never received a cancellation email). They also led me to believe that they could initiate the Paypal Pay in 4 plan. This shows up as “Buy Now, Pay Later” on Microsoft’s end. Neither of these things were true. I quickly canceled that order they placed, myself, because again they clearly did not understand a thing they were doing! So began my Christmas in Disarray: The Saga of a Stolen Xbox and Microsoft’s Customer Service Letdown.

Feel free to continue reading my complaint in my next post, here, heh.

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