Phoenix Labs cuts publishing, HR, IT jobs

This isn't making me feel good as an IT professional

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If anyone was ever curious as to why I stopped looking for jobs in IT, look no further. Places like Phoenix Labs and others feel there is no room left for IT staff or any other administrative tasks.

Today, Phoenix Labs announced that they were cutting 34 jobs in their publishing, HR, and IT departments. However, they would like gamers to rest assured that the developers are still plugging away at their indie darling Fae Farm.

After a rigorous review we made the decision to change the structure of our support teams, and we have made the tough decision to reduce our workforce by a total of 34 people, across our publishing, HR, IT, and shared services teams.

Our games teams were unaffected and our work continues across our titles at Phoenix Labs. Fae Farm’s DLC and Dauntless updates are on track, and we have exciting unannounced projects in the works.

We thank each of the affected team members who have helped to build Phoenix Labs into what it is today. Their impact will be missed and live on through everything the studio does moving forward.”

Phoenix Labs representative to

Source: Eurogamer

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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