Kevin’s Top 7 Game Demos form Steam Next Fest (June 2024)


I mean better late than never right? RIGHT? Anywho, let’s talk about my favorite game demos from June’s Steam Next Fest!

Tiny Bookshop

Have you every thought about just packing up, buying a mobile book shop and traveling to a new town to sell used books? Neither have I but after playing Tiny Bookshop, it became a strong possibility. This is one of those cozy games that is almost too cozy and I adore it. You have to shuffle your books around in order to meet the tastes of your clientele in one of many different locations around town. As of this writing, there is no release date but wishlist this (as well all the other games on this list) to stay informed.

On Your Tail

A beautiful Italian beachtown, a series of mysteries, and interesting characters makes On Your Tail something you should have on your radar. As your progress you obtain clue cards which you can use in solving crimes, getting closer to the big mystery that is plaguing the town. After finishing Duck Detective, I’m down for more cozy mystery games.

Caravan SandWitch

In Caravan, it is just your character looking for your sister, making friends and driving a van. No enemies to fight, just miles to roam. I’ve been a fan of quiet exploration games. Just give me a direction and a purpose and let me ramble. This gives me Jusant vibes in the best way. I can’t wait to drive around this world.

Go Go Town

I have been waiting for this one FOR YEARS! I have played every demo and playtest and now it is out! This game is everything I could have wanted and more. Simple premise, you are tasked to build up a town, fill it with citizens and tourists and keep those tourists happy. Simple but then you gotta manage systems, add decorations, and deal with housing. Pretty soon that playthrough turns into 4 hours and you gotta get up early in the morning. Hands down, my game of show and don’t even bother wishlisting it. BUY IT NOW! Even in Early Access, BUY IT!

Critter Cove

This one snuck up on me. I had my eye on it because I wasn’t sure if it was for me. Finally played and it just grabbed me! Grabbed me and didn’t me go. You are charged with fixing up a town and filling it with citizens and tourists (I’m starting to sense a theme). It’s very heavy on the crafting which I love. The character customization is impressive, you can be human or any number of animals with all manner of color schemes. If you prefer your games on the tropical side, don’t miss this!

Amber Isle

If you add: cozy vibes, dinosaurs and capitalism, then you got Amber Isle. The art style is so cute and as well as the characters. Plot was a bit on threadbare side but it didn’t get in the way of my dinosaur retail empire in the making. I can’t wait to see what this has to offer.

Creatures of AVA

This one is a late entry. I was wrapping up the coverage, uploaded all the videos, making space and such. Then I saw this waiting for its chance, so I played it and I get it. It’s the classic crash landed on a planet narrative but with a planet saving twist. Interested me for the jump.

The Honorable Mentions!

So that’s that. Here’s a list of some demos I played that I also want you to consider. Also again, please wishlist any of the demos you have played, it helps the devs a lot.

  • Endzone 2
  • Union of Gnomes
  • Into the Emberlands
  • Beyond the Stars
  • Super Fantasy Kingdom
  • To Pixelia
  • Dungeon Clawler
  • Pyrene
  • Fields of Mistria
  • Sally
  • Fantastic Haven
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