Boeing hit by cyberattack earlier this month

And another one...

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In what is turning into a very common occurrence nowadays, Boeing was the victim of a cyber attack earlier this month. The ransomware group LockBit is allegedly confirming this as they have leaked 43 GB of backup data.

Their services site was still down today with a noticed posted acknowledging the incident.

In connection with this incident, a criminal ransomware actor has released information it alleges to have taken from our systems. We continue to investigate the incident and will remain in contact with law enforcement, regulatory authorities, and potentially impacted parties, as appropriate.”

Boeing spokesperson to Engadget

This all started on October 27. LockBit had placed Boeing on a list of victims on its website. They gave Boeing until November 2 to discuss terms. Initially, it looked like things were dealt with as Boeing was removed. However, LockBit came back on November 7 saying that Boeing blew them off. A 4GB sample was threatened to be released, but LockBit decided to put the whole thing out there on November 10.

This obviously isn’t the first time that LockBit has struck. They first showed up in the Russian cybercrime scene in January 2020. Since then, there have been around 1,700 attacks in the US attributed to the gang. Due to those attacks, companies have paid about $91 million in ransom. Some of the targets have been the Chinese bank ICBC, TSMC, and Indigo Books and Music.

That’s quite a diverse set of targets if I say so myself.

Source: Engadget

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