Twitter’s removal from consoles has Musky Musk’s attention

He only does everything to ruin a situation.

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Earlier this week, Sony announced that they were freeing their console of the shackles of Twitter. Well, it was more like cutting off support for the platform. On November 13, users will not be able to post or view anything on the social platform.

This has apparently caught the attention of Elon Musk, noted gamer and CTO of Twitter. After hearing the news, Musk stated that he’ll “look into this.”

As I stated previously, he may want to look into a mirror if he wants to figure out what went wrong. After purchasing Twitter for $44 billion only to bring it down to $19 billion, he cut off free access to the Twitter API. It’s safe to assume that Sony and Microsoft didn’t want to pay for it, so they shut it off.

While there is no idea on how Musk and Twitter will fix this situation, but he is known to backtrack on a few things. Will there be changes to policy to allow for free connectivity under certain circumstances? Will he try to broker a deal that sees Sony and Microsoft paying, but not as much?

We’ll all be here, waiting with bated breath.

Who am I kidding? I honestly do not care. But you might. What are your thoughts?

Source: GameSpot

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By MajorLinux Editor-in-chief
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