What I Liked About: Nintendo Direct June 2024


Nintendo will always Nintendo and decided to wait after Keigh-3 (see what I did again, lol) to have a direct! After lowering my expectations and settling in, I’m going to tell you the things I liked.

Mario and Luigi Brothership

Odd naming choice aside, I was thrilled to see a new game in the surprisely long running Mario and Luigi game series. While still retaining the kooky art style, it still holds true to the gameplay mechanics that I loved so much back on the handhelds. I love the “off the beaten path” Mario games and I will be adding this one to my collection on November 7th of this year. YAYYY!

Basketball is coming to Switch Sports

Not going to lie, I was very surprised by this (you know because of my lowered expectations). Switch Sports was an interesting successor to Wii Sports. Now don’t get me wrong, I dabble in a little bit of tennis and badminton from time to time. Yet I haven’t played as much as its predecessor. Now might be the time to blow the dust and check out the update in Summer 2024 (which I speculate around July, August at the latest)

South Park meme aside, I do like this game. I played a fair chunk of it on Apple Arcade but I just wanted to play it on something different. Now I can play on the Switch next year, which I’m hyped to do. Can’t wait for those awkward stares of judgement at the Jiffy Lube, lol.

Dragon Quest 1,2,3 HD 2D Remakes

Yes! More of this please! MORE OF THIS! Square Enix, you ate with this. Also do Chrono Trigger and my life will be complete………for that month.

Super Mario Party Jamboree

So the series that kills friendships and ruins family gatherings is getting a sequel on October 17, 2024. Sporting a new 20 player online and over 100 new mini games, this game will a force to be reckoned with this fall. Just in time to destroy Thanksgiving.

The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom

Is this a safe place? *whispers* I am not a big fan of the Breath and Tears Zelda games. It’s just not for me. I adored the Link’s Awakening remake and I’m so glad to see that art style brought back for this. Plus we get Zelda out here being a strong independent princess with copy/paste powers. Love to see it. It will be on the list when it comes out on September 26th.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond

Beyond seems like an appropriate sub-heading because it was BEYOND expectations that I would even see a new trailer much less gameplay for it. I mean, dang dude, it’s been like 7 years since the ANNOUNCEMENT. Didn’t we get like a new game (Dread) and a remake of Prime 1 in that time. Like Geez Lousie. Anyway, I am hype to see it and I know the besties are happy about this one. Now, if you will excuse me, I got to go watch pigs fly, lol

The Honorable Mentions!!!

That’s the list but before I wrap up, here’s a list of the honorable mentions.

  • Nintendo World Championship: NES Edition
  • Luigi Mansion 2 HD
  • Marvel vs Capcom Collection
  • More NSO Expansion stuff
  • Legend of Zelda Switch Lite
  • Donkey Kong Returns HD
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