Your PlayStation won’t be posting to Twitter anymore

Maybe Sony should allow for Mastodon access. Just a thought?

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If you were posting your sick headshots from The Last of Us or sharing your track times in Gran Turismo to Twitter from your PlayStation, your days are numbered.

On Monday, Wario64 pointed out that Sony updated its support pages and sent notices to console owners that they will no longer have the ability to “post and view content” among other things on Twitter from their consoles starting November 13th.

While nobody knows why Sony is turning the feature off, one doesn’t have to think very hard to figure it out. Twitter recently restricted access to their API meaning folks needed to pay up to access it. I imagine Sony wasn’t liking how that bill looked. I mean, the PS5 is selling very well. Microsoft performed a similar move in April, so Sony is a little late to the party.

You can still share content to Twitter if you have a PS5 and the PlayStation App. PS4 users (and by extension, PS5 users) will have to use a USB drive to transfer footage. Or you can share things to YouTube.

Source: Engadget

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