Apple Announced New Mac products during Scary Fast Event

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In an event that could have most likely been an email, Apple showed off a video announcing some “new” Mac products. I say “new” like that because it was more of the same, as per Apple’s M.O. They did shake one thing up, though.

Let’s get into it!

New Apple Silicon

First off was the announcement of not one, not two, but three new chips. Of course, it was the next in line Apple Silicon chips for the Mac, the M3. Normally, the announce only the base chip first with the basic hardware (Mini, Air, and Pro 13″). This time, they combined it with the Pro and Max models of the chip.

According to Apple, the chips are better. I have no reason not to believe them because that’s how that works. How much better, though? Who knows! Apple always uses those silly graphs with “2x performance” without giving actual numbers. I would love to give them the benefit of the doubt of not comparing with Intel, AMD, or Nvidia. But Apple had to toot their horn against their Intel products, so there’s that.

One thing these new chips did bring is hardware ray tracing to the Mac. Now my computer can display visuals as good as my phone. Soon my iPad can do it, too. With that being said, I wonder if Resident Evil 8 will get updated for the Mac.

MacBook Pro

Now that the chips were introduced, time to talk about where they’ll live. This was actually another surprise as they breezed past the 13″ MacBook Pro (the one with the touch bar). They went right for the 14″ and 16″ models (with a notch they tried to hide) and said here you go. With that move, they simplified the line up.

But here’s where it got real interesting. They actually debuted a new color for the MacBook Pro. They announced…SPACE BLACK!

Now, don’t get me wrong. My M1 Pro MacBook Pro is still holding strong. But I’d give anything to have this color.

But, speaking of giving something, we gotta talk about these prices. I was very happy to see that the 14″ got a price drop down to $1499. Probably a move to help bridge the gap now that the 13″ is gone. Unfortunately, the 16″ (the one I want to trade up to) is still holding firm at $2499.


Now this is a Mac model I don’t believe anyone has talked about in a while. Mainly because it was stuck on the base M1 chip since it was announced. It has not receive any updates at all.

But that all changed tonight when Apple finally dropped the new iMac with M3. That’s it. No Pro. No Max. Just base M3.

So, that was it. That was the show. All the products are available to order right now over on Apple’s website.

I’ll just be looking from afar…

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