Resident Evil 8 is here for iPhone 15 Pro and M-series iPads

Yeah, you can miss me with this one.

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I guess it wouldn’t be the spooky season if you didn’t have spooky games to play. I wouldn’t know because I run as far away from those games as possible.

However, Capcom knew what they were doing as they have released Resident Evil Village today. It will be available the newest top-of-the-line iPhones and iPads. That’s right, if you have the shiny new iPhone 15 Pro (Max) or the M-series iPad Pro or Air, you’re in luck.


The full price for the game is $39.99. There will be an in-app purchase for the Winters’ Expansion DLC for $19.99 along with a $4.99 All Access Voucher DLC. This is about on par with what you’d expect on PC and console. For comparison, the console and PC versions are cheaper, but they’ve been out longer. I do wonder if the AAA games that show up on the iPhone 15 Pro will see price drops like they’re console/PC counterparts.

That being said, if you’d like to try it, there is a demo available. Also, until November 20th, you can get the game for $15.99.


For those who would like to to play their games on a bigger screen, the iPhone 15 Pro does have native DisplayPort support through the USB-C port. It is capable of outputting at 4K/60FPS so you don’t always have to play on the 6+ inch screen.

As a reminder, this game along with Resident Evil 4 Remake were shown off at the recent iPhone event back in September. These phones were shown to have the A17 Pro chip which contains a new GPU. This GPU is capable of hardware-accelerated ray tracing and promising console-like performance on the small device.

The ray tracing seems to only be tied to the iPhones right now. The M-series chips are not capable of decent ray tracing performance. This means that the feature will be missing from the iPads like it’s missing from the Macs.

Device Support

Speaking of Macs, because the game was already on the Mac, there will not be cross progression between them and the iPhone/iPad version. This is due to the game being a separate purchase on the Mac. However, when Resident Evil 4 releases, all three device categories will have cross-progression and will more than likely be one purchase.

Are y’all picking it up?

I’m sure not!

Source: MacRumors

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